Big list of LEGO UPCs

There are some serious collectors of LEGO out there – very serious. We get a lot of Lego-related searches here on UPCZilla and enthusiasts will frequently share UPCs for new Lego sets on the various fan forums. We thought we would do our bit and compile a list of all the Lego sets WE currently have in our UPC database, together with manufacturer number and UPC, in a convenient PDF. There are a couple of thousand UPCs here (about 3.7 MB) – that’s probably not even scratching the surface of what’s out there, but that’s all the ones we could currently find, hopefully someone will find this useful!

Feel free to share as much as you like – the PDF can be distributed freely, but use at your own risk, blah blah:

List of Lego UPCs from UPCZilla

List of Lego UPCs from UPCZilla

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