Back up and running after SSL renewal

Sorry if you got a scary warning visiting our site over the last few hours – our SSL certificate, the cypher that all modern websites use to keep your browsing private – expired briefly. Many browsers, Chrome especially, start throwing panicky warnings about criminals stealing your data and whatnot. We assure you that the chances of that are minimal when using our site anyway, since we do not collect or transmit any personal data of any kind, but still, like all serious websites we want to make sure we are using SSL for user confidence and because it’s pretty much the minimum standard nowadays.

It’s now fixed – we installed the new certificate which is good for the next two years – so surfing is safe, and no browsers should throw hissy fits!

If you’d like confirmation of the security of our site you can click on the padlock icon in the address bar above and see info about our security certificate, or you can scroll ALL the way down and find and click on the Comodo Secure logo where it says┬áYOUR CONNECTION IS SECURE.

Right then, back to ‘normal’…

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