Price tracker now displays charts for tracked prices

This is something we have been looking forward to implementing for ages – ever since we first launched our Price Tracker feature back in January 2018!

Now we have collected enough price points for many products – currently more than 700,000 price points in total! – we have been able to implement these handy-dandy charts, powered by┬áthe fantastic Google Charts, showing the rise and fall of the price for a given product (as long as we have a price history consisting of at least 2 or 3 different price points). They will not immediately be shown for every product, we are rolling them out slowly, but when you see them, you’ll know – they look like this:

The low price, denoted by the lower, darker line, shows the lowest price recorded┬áon the day that the price was recorded, out of all the retailers we track. For example, one day Amazon had a discount on that item so that price got recorded. The lighter line shows the high price that same day. Very often the high price won’t change much over time because the highest price tends to be the recorded retail price of the manufacturer, which changes much more slowly. Whereas the low price will fluctuate depending on whether there was a sale on, or someone was selling a refurbished or warehouse/slightly damaged item that day.

There are all kinds of neat features, for example you can hover over the dots to see a tooltip showing the actual value on that day.

This gives you a nice visual overview of how prices have been varying over time and maybe helps you decide whether it’s a good time to buy the item or to maybe wait for another discount.

There is probably still some tweaking that we need to do, but we think it’s working pretty well as it is.

Of course the next step will be to give you the option to subscribe by email or some other method and get a notification whenever we find a price that drops below the value that you want!

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