Price alerts are here!

For a while now UPCZilla has not only been tracking UPCs and product data but also prices for those products (we call it the Price Tracker). We store historical price changes for all products we track, and whenever we find a price that has dropped significantly since the previous lowest price we found (by more than a few %) we put a PRICE ALERT! next to the product image to let visitors know they may have found a good deal.

Now we have created a feed of all those alerts – the┬áPrice Alert feed. You can see it in the sidebar on the right under UPCZilla PRICE ALERTS, and there is also an RSS feed you can subscribe to. Not only that, but we have a page (pretty basic at the moment) on which you can see a list of all the Price Alerts from the last 24 hours (those where the discount is more than 7.5% – i.e. actually worth having!) – here:┬á This feed page may lag behind the sidebar feed a little because of caching, so watch the sidebar for the very latest deals.

In future we plan to add this feed to the UPCZilla Chrome extension so that users can see it any time they want without visiting the site. We also want to add an email subscription feature, maybe some kind of daily digest of all the price alerts, but we also need to make it possible to filter for certain keywords so users aren’t swamped with alerts for products they aren’t interested in.

Watch this space!

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  • I think it is better to add a feature that tracks when the price of the item goes up too, not only that has a discount.

    • Oh, that’s an interesting idea, thanks for the suggestion! Do you have a specific use in mind for that info?

    • P.S. I feel like if the feed included prices that went UP as well as down that would be a VERY busy feed, we would have to make it possible to filter somehow.

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