Apple HomePod UPCs

Update: it looks like this is a valid UPC for the HomePod: 019019850452 – it is definitely an Apple GTIN code (begins with (0)019019) and HomePods pop up on eBay on and off with this UPC. Check this link to see if there are any listed currently.

Apple is soon to launch its networked, Siri-enabled speaker, the HomePod in the US and UK. Initially released in Australia, the device is receiving generally positive reviews – although of course it all largely depends on how invested you are in the Apple “ecosystem”. The device is expected to be priced at around $350 in the US. Lest we forget, that’s as much as FOUR TIMES the price of the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, but if you absolutely must have an Apple device then be our guest!

We are currently trying to track down a UPC for the HomePod – we expect there to be at least two UPCs, one for the White and one for the Space Gray option. As soon as we have UPCs we will update this post!

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