UPC for Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

So here are some UPCs for the Samsung Galaxy S9 – more to come:

For some reason we can’t find the UPC for the Titanium Gray version. Is that not being sold in the US or something? We seem to be missing some codes for the Plus version too, we are trying to track those down.

Annoyingly, there are people listing crap (like user manuals) on eBay under the same UPC which screws up our listings and misleads customers. You should report any of those you see to eBay.

ORIGINAL article:

So, according to a leaked photo, the new S9 may or may not boast the following specs: a 1440×2960 resolution 5.8″ screen, an 8-core processor, 4Gb of RAM and 64Gb storage, 8Mpx front camera and 12Mpx rear camera.

The Galaxy S9 will supposedly be running Android 8.0 Oreo and no doubt the price will be a steal. With Apple now “comfortably” breaking through the $1000 mark with their iPhone X, no doubt Samsung will want a piece of that pie. There are rumoured to be two models in the pipeline, a regular S9 and an S9+ model with more memory and storage space.

Watch this space – we will update with UPCs and EANs as and when we get hold of them.

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