Now search UPCs by manufacturer

We have SO many ideas for how to make this site more useful to users, it’s just a case of how quickly we can implement them and roll them out.

Our latest new feature is the addition of links on each product that lead to a manufacturer page. So as you see below, the manufacturer name Logitech is now hyperlinked:

…and when you click the link you are taken here:ĀĀ – where you will see a list of all UPCs we have for Logitech (and similar manufacturer names like By Logitech, to try to catch some of the variants that are out there).

Currently we are limiting the number of results returned to 250 in order to keep the site running smoothly until we decide the best way to present large numbers of results (some manufacturers have tens of thousands of products). We also plan to include more information about manufacturers, and some more cool sorting and searching features.

This feature is not an exact science – there are multiple manufacturers with the same name, we aren’t differentiating those at the moment, only going by name. There are also multiple different ways retailers/sellers have reported manufacturer names (like the By Logitech example above) where our algorithms can’t identify all the variants so we will end up with different pages for the same manufacturer just because a slightly different name has been supplied.

We will try to come up with some solutions for these problems over time, but in the meantime we hope you will find this feature promising.

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