Introducing the Price Tracker

We have now rolled out a long-planned feature – the Price Tracker. What it means is that we will be keeping track of highest and lowest historical prices for all the products/UPCs that we monitor on UPCZilla. Down the line it will allow us to do all kinds of cool stuff like notify you when a product goes on sale, or draw neat graphs of historical price data for that product.

But for now the feature will display a “highest” and “lowest” recorded price for every item, as you can see below:

Now, how can the Apple Watch sell for as low as $43.96? Well the answer is, it can’t – someone has listed a replacement STRAP on eBay with the same UPC as the watch itself. In our view that is not only dishonest, it is downright annoying, since the ONLY way we can distinguish one product from another is by the UPC/GTIN. If that’s wrong then it messes with our results. But there is not much we can do about it, it is still down to you, the customer, to double-check what it is you are buying, we just collect the information we are given and pass it on to you in a useful form.

Look out for more price-tracking features soon!

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