We broke one MILLION UPCs!

Well, we’ve been working hard recently, scraping together UPCs from wherever we could find them, to try to break through the magic 1,000,000 and – we finally did it!

It feels great, I don’t know about you but I don’t think I have ever had a million of anything in my life :).

It’s not really ‘finally’, because we are just going to keep expanding the number of UPCs we track – there are SO many more out there, tens of millions at least. Going through this process, it sort of makes you realize what a consumption-obsessed society we are. The number of products out there is completely insane – we have spent DAYS just adding grocery products to our database, and have probably covered barely a fraction of the products that are out there. We have at least 400 different SHAMPOOS in the database, and again, that is probably barely scraping the surface.

Do we as a human race really need that many different products? What effect is rampant consumerism having on our planet?

Well, that got kind of intense, but they are questions worth asking as we set our sights on the next million UPCs and wonder where we went wrong!

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