UPC for Nintendo Switch – gray and neon red/blue

Demand for the Nintendo Switch console has been outstripping supply, but it seems stocks will be back in on time for Black Friday.

So here are some UPCs for the Nintendo Switch – there seem to be two, for the two different color variants – the gray joy-con version and the multi-color neon red and blue joy-con version:

What is confusing here is that there seems to be a second UPC for the Gray Joy-Con version, but we can’t see the difference between this and the 045496452292 UPC model. It also doesn’t help that some items appear to be incorrectly listed under that UPC on eBay, but here it is anyway:

As usual you can click on each UPC to get more details on the specific Nintendo Switch model, as well as a price comparison listing to help you find the lowest price. Don’t expect to find any bargains, but there may be some good bundle deals to be had if you shop around.

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