2017 Kindle Oasis UPC

Amazon’s latest Kindle E-reader, the All-New Kindle Oasis, waterproof, and with a new 300ppi 7″ hi-res display (the previous Oasis model had only a 6″ screen) is out in a few weeks, between 17 and 23 November, depending on the exact model.

So we have tried to track down a UPC for it – actually, as is usually the case, there are multiple UPCs for the new 7″ Kindle Oasis. We can’t QUITE seem to figure out what the different UPCs each relate to because there seem to be at least 9 different UPCs but only 3 or 4 actual hardware options – an 8Gb model, a 32Gb model and a choice of Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + cellular (but the latter is only offered with the 32Gb model). It seem that the models with/without “Special Offers” (basically, you can pay a $20 premium for an ad-free Kindle) have a UPC of their own, just because they have different software or something. However there are also some differing UPCs for products that look like they have the same specs. Hopefully things will become clearer once it is released:

Some of the above mention “Built-in Audible” – we haven’t seen that mentioned as an option on Amazon’s site, but maybe that explains the seemingly identical products with differing UPCs. Drop a comment below if you can explain the mystery.

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