Apple iPhone 8 UPCs

The world eagerly awaits, ready to spend its life savings on the new iPhone X ,’10-year anniversary’ model, set to launch on November 3rd 2017 at an eye-watering $1,150. Meanwhile, the X’s “poor man’s” brother, the iPhone 8 is already available at the bargain price of $850 for the 64Gb model.

As usual with Apple (and many other manufacturers) it’s kind of hard to track down UPCs associated with their products, they don’t seem to publish definitive lists of them, but here are a few UPCs we have found for the iPhone 8. Let us know if you find any more in the comments below:

Don’t rely solely on UPCs though, there is too much randomness in how some retailers use UPCs – go through a trustworthy supplier and make sure the description is of the right phone.

We will post UPCs for the new iPhoneX as soon as we track them down!

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