UPC for Microsoft’s new Xbox One X 1TB Console

We have added the UPC for Microsoft’s new Xbox One X 1TB console, supposedly now the most powerful console there is, out today! The UPC is… da-daaaa…Ā 889842208252 (click the link) for more product details and a price comparison between retailers.

The console is to be released today, November 7th 2017, as announced, originally listed on Amazon to preorder at a price of $499.99 US, but now also available from other retailers.

There will probably be other variants in the future, with different UPCs, but this is the only one we know of right now. So are you in? Personally we are holding off as long-time PS owners. Sony’s response can’t be long coming (hint: a price cut for the still-dominant Playstation 4?)

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