UPCZilla is a free look-up service for 12-digit UPCs (Universal Product Codes), barcodes, Amazon ASINs and product prices.

How do I look up a UPC code?

To carry out aĀ UPC look-up, enter a valid UPC in the search field above and UPCZilla will try to find the product matching it. Results include the product title, images, a scannable barcode and a comparison table of prices from different retailers.

How do I look up a product by its barcode?

If you want to scan a barcode you can use our free barcode scanning app for Android and look up the product online, along with other details, prices etc. If you are on a PC then you can type the number below the bar code in the search field above, with no spaces, ensuring it’s a 12-digit UPC and that you have included the first and last digit too.

How do I reverse look-up UPCs?

To carry out a reverse UPC lookup, enter some product keywords in the search field and we will try to find some UPCs that match the product you are looking for.

How do I reverse-search Amazon ASINs?

Just enter an ASIN in the search field and UPCZilla will list any matching products together with their UPCs if they have them – and get a price comparison with other retailers, too.

More on UPCZilla

You can also download our Chrome extension for quick UPC and price comparison searches direct from your browser or, as mentioned above, install our Android barcode scanner app to quickly scan physical products in stores and look up their price and other details online.

UPCZilla also has a price-tracker that has price data (maximum and minimum price on a given day) going back several years for hundreds of thousands of products, and new products being tracked all the time. See the price fluctuations for your chosen product and decide on the best time to buy (or sell!)

For every UPC there is also a bar code generated on-screen which can be scanned directly from your monitor (used heavily by the Disc to Digital community – just stay legal please).