UPCZilla is a search engine for UPCs (Universal Product Codes).
To find the product associated with a particular UPC, just use the search field above and UPCZilla will give it its best shot.
Results include the product title, images and a comparison table of prices from different retailers.

You can now also carry out a reverse UPC lookup. Enter some product keywords in the search field and we will try to find some UPCs that match the product you are looking for.

What is a UPC?

UPCs are part of a numbering system developed for use on product barcodes. As such almost every commercially available product has a UPC – or alternatively an EAN (a superset of UPCs used in Europe – to be supported soon by UPCZilla). This means that the barcode can be read by any barcode reader anywhere in the world and the product precisely identified for inventory, sale and other purposes. Even slight variations of a product, such as different colour options, usually get their own UPC.

Who issues UPCs?

UPCs are issued by a non-profit organisation called G1 US. Large companies pay to join G1 and will typically be allocated blocks of UPCs, the initial digits of which will identify that company. Smaller companies can opt to buy UPCs on a one-off basis from a reseller and avoid the annual membership fees, although this is not ideal since their products will not be identified as their own by their initial digits and their access to certain markets may be limited.